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ABOUT EduGrowth

EduGrowth was established with a focus on giving a new dimension to Online Education.

With a strong educational legacy, we believe in the excellence of quality education catered in relevance to the current times and industry demands; thus giving students a complete educational experience.

EduGrowth's strategy of responding efficiently and effectively to the needs of the industry and student community brings it in the league of leading online education providers.

EduGrowth has also been responsible in pioneering various programs through online and hybrid learning format.

At EduGrowth, all the online management courses are tailored to give a clear understanding of Management subjects and are well-structured to enhance functional and soft skills development of its students. Combination of modern and traditional teaching methodologies help students to gain knowledge in the best way possible, while also helping them to realize and believe in their potential to evolve as successful role-players and decision makers in the professional world.

EduGrowth is committed to produce outstanding managers with broad based knowledge, analytical ability, team experience and critical interpersonal skills necessary to meet today's and tomorrow's management challenges.

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