Course - Effective Interpersonal Skills



Program Benefits

  • Look at any job advertisement today, and it doesn't just ask for educational and technical proficiency. Advertisers also mention interpersonal skills as a necessary qualification for the job. They open the door of new opportunities and job offers.
  • The main advantage of interpersonal communication is that it helps you to create strong relationships with others. At the same time, you are also able to understand and maintain them.
  • Many individuals either panic or react emotionally when tested with difficult situations at work. If you have the confidence in your interpersonal skills, you will instantly be able to realise there are better ways to go about a situation other than just responding negatively.

What you learn

  • As this program name suggests, you will learn Skills, which are those things that allow humans to build relationships, to get along with and interact with others. The program covers chapters on following major skills:
  • Business Etiquettes, which are a set of rules that govern the way people interact with one another in business, with customers, suppliers, with inside or outside bodies
  • Negotiation skills, which will help in avoiding future conflicts and problem by leaving both parties equally satisfied with no barriers to communication for the future.
  • Techniques of Dealing with Difficult People
  • Conflict Management skills to successfully handle and resolve workplace issues.
  • Networking skills, which is the key to business, and a successful job hunt.
  • Positive releationship building skills, which will make your job more enjoyable and productive.
  • How to handle difficult conversations at work, How do you find the right words in the moment? And, how can you manage the exchange so that it goes as smoothly as possible?

How program runs

You can join the program at any time and can access all content for 60 days. Upon enrollent, you will be able to see all modules of the program. For each module, the study material is provided in three formats, (a) presentation (b) text (3) video lecture . Along with reading material, there is a self evaluation quiz for each module. After 30 days from the enrollement test, you are eligible to give online certification exam , normally of one hour duration. You require to get minimum 50 % to complete the program successfully. Successful candidates can download e-certificate . Candidates scoring less then 50 % or not able to appear within 60 days from the date of enrollment, can appear after paying nominal re-exam fees.

About the faculty

Different modules of the program are delivered by corporate trainers who are enthusiastic and have great communication skills . Following are details of some of the trainers:
Pallavi Datt -  she has more than ten years of experience in educating and inspiring thousands of people. She’s done her Masters in Computer Application and is also an Certified Image Consultant.
Tara Singh -  She has a Masters Degree of Science, Finance and Financial Management Services. Being passionate about training and after spending about 2 decades in the corporate industry with various well known clients across sectors she decided to pursue her passion. Her stint with these corporates has been in areas covering Sales, Marketing Strategy & Business Communications
Gabriel  Banerjee -  He is a Speaker, a Coach and Strategist with an experience of delivering learning sessions to more than 15000 professionals.
Clarissa Jathanna - She  is a passionate trainer who has excellent communication skills and is totally committed to the learning and development of participants. She has a total of over 15 years of experience out of which she has worked for 10 years conducting training programs and developing content independently.
Malini Shah - She has over Eighteen years of Professional experience in the field of training and counseling in India and Internationally.

Salient Features

  • Learning material developed by subject matter experts.
  • Entire program divided into number of modules
  • Learning resources for each module  is available in multiple formats of Text, presentation as well as video lecture from the expert faculty
  • Every module has quiz for practice and self-evalution
  • Certification exams through online mode


Learners scoring minimum 50% or above, get e-certificate for the program from Skill Academy.



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