Course - English for Career Development (In Marathi)


English is the international language of business and being able to speak fluently and correctly gives you an edge above the rest. This course has been developed through a combination of Marathi and English language, so as you will get an in depth understanding of the various aspects of this universal language of communication.

Program Benefits

  • One of the reasons you may be learning English is because it's considered a global language.
  • The beginning stages of learning English may be challenging, but they will help you improve your confidence
  • Finally, learning English can lead to greater success. The business industry also relies heavily on the English language. Many jobs require English fluency. In fact, the demand for employees who can speak more than one language has doubled in recent years. Knowing English can lead to promotions at work and better opportunities. This can lead to more money and a better job.

What you learn

  • Learn following all major elements of English language , using our high-quality online resources to quickly improve your English.
  • Nouns and Pronounds
  • Adjectives,Qualifiers and Degrees
  • Verbs, Auxillary verbs
  • Adverbs and Prepositions
  • Counjuctions, interjections,
  • Simple present tense , Contionuous tense
  • Pronounciations
  • 7 C's of Communication
  • Constructing sentences
  • How to communicate effectively
  • Resume writing
  • Cover letter preparation
  • Preparation for a job interview
  • Email communication and Etiquette
  • Business Letter writing
  • Networking for career development
  • Practice English speaking tips

How program runs

You can join the program at any time and can access all content for 60 days. Upon enrollent, you will be able to see all modules of the program. For each module, the study material is provided in three formats, (a) presentation (b) text (3) video lecture . Along with reading material, there is a self evaluation quiz for each module. After 30 days from the enrollement test, you are eligible to give online certification exam , normally of one hour duration. You require to get minimum 50% to complete the program successfully. Successful candidates can download e-certificate . Candidates scoring less then 50% or not able to appear within 60 days from the date of enrollment, can appear after paying nominal re-exam fees.

About the faculty

"Jyotsna Sawant is a seasoned professional with over 15 years of experience in the learning & development industry. She's an excellent facilitator for english language, soft skills, behavioural and memory development, having delivered over 700 training sessions for educational institutions and corporates. She's also a Master Practitioner for NLP which conducts for her clientele across industries. Her training methodology is experiential and fun filled using world wide recognised techniques."


Salient Features

  • Learning material developed by subject matter experts and taught in a mix of Marathi and English language
  • Entire program divided into number of modules Learning resources for each module is available in multiple formats of Text , presenation as well as video lecture from the expert faculty Every module has quiz for practice and self-evalution
  • Certification exams through online mode. Certification exams through online mode


Learners scoring minimum 50% or above, get e-certificate for the program from Skill Academy.



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